Abigail bag
Abigail bag
Abigail bag
Abigail bag
Abigail bag

ABIGAIL BAG – medium



The ABIGAIL bag has been entirely hand crafted using premium products. The body of the bag is constructed from London Tan colour, full-grain British oak-bark tanned leather from J & FJ Baker & Co. Ltd, a family run tanning business in Dorset, England, est. 1862. This is the last tannery in Europe to produce leather using just oak bark chips and river water, a sustainable process that takes 14 months, much longer than traditional vegetable tanned leather, and which produces an exceptional, luxurious leather; hard wearing yet supple. This heirloom piece will last you for many years. As a full grain cowhide, all the qualities of the original skin are preserved, and it will develop a beautiful patina over time.


Here at Simeon Morris we take great care in making sure our products are made to the absolute highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. To maintain this quality and to increase the longevity or your piece, please note the following guidelines.


Your bag leaves our atelier with a water resistant preparation. However, prolonged exposure to water will potentially stain or mark the leather, especially on a paler colour like our London Tan. We recommend you keep your bag out of torrential downpours.


To keep your bag clean we recommend a good saddle soap such as Fiebings neutral saddle soap. Otherwise, a good neutral polish will help care for and nourish your leather.


Leather needs some nourishment to stay supple and help replenish the natural oils present in the hide, to prevent drying over time. Such products will also keep the leather water resistant as well. Here at Simeon Morris we recommend Fiebings Aussie Leather Conditioner. Applying such a treatment twice a year will help prolong the life of your bag.

Frequent care

For a more frequent care, we highly recommend Saphir Neutral Nappa polish. This really is the creme de la creme of leather polish, helping to nourish and weather proof the leather and leaving a glorious lustrous shine.