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Simeon Morris is a British born, Dutch educated designer, currently based in Norwich, United Kingdom. He has worked as a pattern cutter, studio manager and designer during over 21 years in the British, French and Dutch fashion industries. He graduated in 2013 with an MA in fashion design, women’s wear from the Masters of Fashion course, ArtEZ, Arnhem.

He was nominated for the Frans Molenaar couture prijs in 2015 with his collection titled She Simply Is, and is currently engaged with developing a range of handmade leather accessories. Besides that, he has been engaged with the research project Virtual Sizing for the Centre for Expertise Future Makers, ArtEZ.

‘I am fundamentally concerned with the making of things, the inherent quality of a material, its beauty being revealed without artifice or extraneous decoration. I wish to follow the natural movement or essence of a material and to work with it in a craft based way. By placing a material in relationship with a person and their body in the form of clothing or accessories I am able to explore what these forms mean to me. Fashion is fleeting and ephemeral. I am, instead, seeking out the inherent value contained within a material, object or form and using that to design a garment.’